Where I’ve Been

I’ve been to 25 Countries so far:


USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Vatican (yes, it’s a country),Morocco, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Monaco, Hungary, Austria, Jordan, Israel and India.

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8 responses to “Where I’ve Been

      • Looking at your map, what about SE Asia, Sth Africa or Sth America? I just posted the first part of a trip to Peru and Bolivia. Have two last continents to explore – Africa and Antarctica, but would love to visit Jordan. Would you recommend it?

      • Yes! I still have so much to see! I am hoping to explore South East Asia next, perhaps Brazil.
        But Jordan is absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it. And since everything is so close in that corner of the world and relatively inexpensive to get around, check out Israel and Egypt while you are there :)

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