working in madrid


During the Summer of 2010 I worked at as an Au Pair for a lovely Spanish family in the heart of Madrid. I stayed for just over 3 months and was blessed with meeting wonderful people along the way.

For anyone who is interested in working as an Au Pair, I would highly recommend it.  This profession is pretty much dominated by females, sorry boys! And there are tons of places you can go and resources you can use to meet people once you get there. When i first arrived in Madrid, I typed in “Au Pairs in Madrid” on Facebook and instantly found a group to join and subsequently met 30 other girls in the same situation as myself. As for the work itself, it usually isn’t so bad. I was essentially an older sister to three young girls ages 6, 10 and 13. They were wonderful which made my job super easy. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend accepting an Au Pair job with a young child under 4 because you will more than likely be really “working” and have to change diapers, clean messes, etc. The job is too underpaid for that, in my opinion.IMG_2496

I would also suggest that you should never accept an Au Pair position that requires you to clean as part of the job description. The family I worked for had a housekeeper for that and I met MANY girls who were treated as a cheap maid…so beware! Just be confident and stern with what you want before agreeing to an Au Pair job.





For more information amadriddnd on how to meet families and be an au pair, use these sites:

Au Pair World:


tips on How to become and Au Pair:


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