studying in the south of france

The South of France is a truly beautiful corner of the world. I was very blessed to receive a scholarship from
the Canadian government toeze3 study abroad in Sophia Antipolis (France’s equivalent to Silicon Valley) for a semester from January 2012-May 2012.


I studied through the Grande Ecole Program at Skema Business School and lived ten  minutes away from the Mediterranean in Juan les Pins.

For all you students out there, I have one piece of advice…go on exchange! It provides an amazing cross-cultural experience and gives you a great excuse to travel while sprucing up your resume (future employers will LOVE the fact that you have traveled). You pay your tuition to your home university and just have to save up for your flight and living expenses. This can be hard to do, but  because I am also a part time Cocktail server I was able to save up a few thousand before I went away. I was also able to travel around on school breaks and weekends and ended up staying for an extra month after the semester finished with one of my best friends to travel around Eastern Europe. In the five months I was away on exchange, I was able to travel to: Morocco, around France, Monaco, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

Here’s another lovely write up on studying abroad:


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