What’s your Travel Take-Off Song?

I write this latest post as I am currently sitting in Toronto Pearson’s airport about to embark on yet another journey across this beautiful country of Canada to my destination of Vancouver. I’m a little bit excited, a little bit nervous and 100% calm – a slew of emotions that somehow allow me to maintain my sanity while navigating through the pre-March Break crowds. I’ve found my usual Starbucks  and have sat down with my Earl Grey to write about what keeps me sane as I am in travel mode: music.

Each and every time I am taxiing down the runway in yet another commercial jetliner, I always pull out my trusty iPod and switch on a particular tune to help me calm my nerves. For one reason or another, this song has become a portal to temporary solace for me when I am about to embark on any journey, whether it’s to Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, Marrakech, San Salvador or Madrid, I always listen to Akon and Lil Wayne’s “I’m so Paid.” I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, and contemporary rap music isn’t even necessarily my genre of choice, but for some reason I NEED to listen to this song as the plane is about to take off and I usually hit repeat a few times until we reach cruising altitude. Even though you’re technically not allowed to listen to your iPod during take-off, I always reach for it after the attendants have done their last walk-through.

So this has made me curious, does anyone else out there have a specific song they NEED to listen to? Or prefer to listen to while taking off as well? Or is it just me?

I also have a specific “Packing my Suitcase” playlist. Call me a Travel Nerd, but I can’t help but listen to a little Frank Sinatra and Coldplay as I’m packing up my bags.  Anyone else?life10


2 responses to “What’s your Travel Take-Off Song?

  1. Well Emily, I don’t have a travel song yet but you made me pick up my ipod and listen to I’m So Paid. I used to play this song over and over…doing ninety in a sixty-five…

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