Fabulous Taco recipe using Indonesian Tempeh!

I decided to give up meat for lent and have subsequently found my meat replacement solace in Tempeh. It’s essentially just fermented soy beans mixed with whole grains and has a much more of an appealing texture than the spongy tofu I always used to eat. Tempeh is also GMO-free and is less processed than tofu! AKA better for you!

And because I like to focus on travel for my blog, I decided to conduct a little research into the origins of this amazing food. It turns out it’s from Indonesia and is very popular there. I should have planned a trip there during lent – next time.

Until then,  I will be recreating this delicious recipe many times until Lent is over. Courtesy of Chainring Tattoo, thank you :)

Tempeh & Potato Tacos with Roasted Poblano Peppers.



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