Top 5 Things to do in Monaco

1. Go to the Monte Carlo Casino.
It’s world famous, and stunning. It costs 10 euros to get in, and don’t forget to bring your passport. The architecture alone is something to marvel at, and so are all the Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s parked out front – if that’s your thing (not really mine.) There are different rooms and salons once you get inside, and if gambling is your thing – you’ll love it.

2. Go up to the Royal Palace/Monaco-ville.
Monaco is technically a country, and if you divide it even further, there is Monte Carlo (where the casino is) which is more Eastern, and then there is Monaco-ville, which is more Western. It is very walkable to go between the two, about half an hour around the Harbour/Marina. The Royal Palace is in Monaco-ville, and this is technically the “Old City.” This is where you’ll find all the narrow streets and cute boutiques. It is also where you will find a museum dedicated to the history of Monaco and the Grimaldi family. You can also watch the changing of the guards and visit the Cathedral where Grace Kelly was married!

3. Gamble.
I’m not a gambler, by any means but I budgeted 10 euros for pure gambling because I figured, why not? When in Rome right? So, I ended up doing slots because the minimum hand at the tables were quite steep, and I wouldn’t know what to do there anyways. I ended up getting some Bonus thing on the “Red Code” slot machine and won 25 Euros after putting 5. I decided to cash out immediately. However, all of my friends there were so excited for me and pressured me into doing it again. So I did, and I won another 22.80 Euros, and cashed out right away. Some of my other friends weren’t as lucky.
But, there are a lot of casinos in Monte Carlo, so pace yourself.

4. Go to the Monaco Opera.
We didn’t plan on this, just kind of stumbled upon it. A man gave us free tickets outside the entrance to the Monte Carlo Casino and the Operahouse is actually in the same building, so we decided to go for it. It was only 45 minutes long, and technically a dress rehearsal, but I still enjoyed it. I had no idea what they were singing about, but it was impressive. Apparently this Opera House is the second most beautiful in world, after the Vienna Operahouse.

5.Go to Buddha Bar.
It’s a classy and trendy bar located in the same building as the Monte Carlo Casino. You can’t miss it with all the beautiful people and beautiful cars out front. Ladies wearing mink coats following their spouses who are 35-45 years their senior into this beautiful facade of a building. But, we went in, had a 15 euro glass of wine (with my winnings) and left an hour later. There were about 12 of us and it was the perfect way to end the night. The prices on the menu here change at 8pm though, so be careful !!!

Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo Casino view from the Palace, Monaco Monaco streets Monte Carlo Casino


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